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We are a non profit, Pre-employment Centre dedicated to assist individuals prepare for a successful job search and/or career change.

Assiniboine Credit Union LogoThe staff at Osborne Village Resource Centre–Keith, Betty, Kristina, John, Jude, Lisa and Judy– would like to thank the Assiniboine Credit Union for demonstrating their community support by providing the Centre with a generous grant that allowed us to replace the decade old client chairs. Our clients will appreciate working on their job search in these ergonomically correct chairs. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!


Employment Workshops

Need some guidance with cover letters, interviews, chosing a career or finding a job? The Osborne Village Resource Centre runs several free workshops on these very topics.

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  • Job Banks: Web sites for searching local employment opportunities.
  • Research Careers: Information regarding researching career opportunities.

What Clients Are Saying

My name is Kevin and I just wanted to let you know what an excellent and effective staff you have at the Osborne Village Resource Centre. I came in November to start my job search as I was in need improving my resume.

From the first day I dealt with Judy, I felt welcome. My first appointment was with Lisa who was able to build a resume with me that has proven far more effective in attracting potential employers I never thought woud have been interested before.

2 weeks later I had a career counseling with Judith, who did a lot to make me think outside of the box for opportunities, and made sure I was signed on to workshops for job interviews and work references. The initial one is where I met Kristina who ran a teriffic and informative workshop. All three of them are terrific assets to the Centre, and I have no doubt that if I had to deal with anyone else, I’d still be treated to the same high standard of service to make sure I’II have the best possible opportunities available to me.

So please recognize them for their efforts, and may everyone have safe and happy holidays!

My heartfelt thanks to each one of you Keith, Kristina, Betty, Judy, Jude, Lisa and John. You have given me the gift of encouragement and hope in a difficult time. I am so grateful for your support. Thanks for being there for me. Thank you so much Jude, Betty, Lisa and Kristina. The phrase is simple and the words are few, but behind them is a whole of appreciation. I was so touched by all the support you have given me. Thank you again.

I had the pleasure of having a one on one appointment with Kristina, and attended one of her seminars (Branding Yourself).In addition, I had the assistance of Jude Gaal with my Resume. It is a process when searching for employment and you meet many people during the journey that help you along the way. I was fortunate to come into the Centre and get the help I needed thanks to Kristina and Jude.

The services are instrumental in assisting people searching for employment. In these challenging times with how looking for work has changed, these resources are needed by getting people in jobs suited to their skills, interest and abilities. There are many facets to searching for employment and being at the resource centre, I am pleased to see their covered in several accessible ways from seminars, brochures, accessibility to computers, and one on one meetings. May the Centre continue with the success of assisting people by getting the funding that is required to offer these valuable services to the public.